Al-Hikayati Science Museum

Hikayati building project is a cultural, scientific and educational center designed and built by Al-Ayn Foundation for children and teenagers affected by the war in Iraq. Many companies from Latin America to Europe and Asia have cooperated in this valuable project, and the science museum part of it was entrusted to EQSci Group. This museum has been completed from conceptual design to architecture, construction of equipment and interactive elements with the subject of physics, astronomy and space, in the form of a turnkey project and has entered the operation and maintenance phase.

A significant part of this museum is interactive and engages visitors with exciting concepts from the world of astronomy. The hall is located on the highest floor of the building and includes the historical zone, the future zone, and the gravity zone. Also, in the outdoor space, we have installed Iraq’s first educational observatory with one of the best H-Alpha solar modular telescope, so that visitors can observe the sun’s flares during the day and look at the deep beauty of the universe at night.

The design phase took a considerable amount of time. Many studies were done before conceptual design. From what subjects of astronomy are discussed in the textbooks of Iraqi students to the population of the target group and their average height to design the height of the devices. Then the architecture, the final atmosphere and the line styles inspired by the Arabian architecture were completed. The ceiling of the hall creates a network of space-time and the transparent floor make an infinity space.